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Tourism in India

India is a country of great history with a diverse culture and beautiful historical places. The country has a great tourism potential which has recently received a major boost. The cultural heritage and natural beauty creates a huge influx of tourists from all parts of the world.

The scenic resorts, cultural sites, adventure tours, pilgrim places and historical locations attract all types of tourists. A travel through Indian cities brings to light, the cultural and the geographical richness of the country. This website is an attempt to provide you a glimpse of the richness of tourism in India with information about all major travel locations in the country.

Tourism in India is one of the largest service industry, and contributes more than 6% to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the nation. Tourism constitutes almost 9% of the total employment in the country. The number of foreign tourists arriving in the country is around 6 million per year and generates an income of 250 billion US dollars per year. Tourists from USA and UK constitute the majority of the entire tourist influx in India.

The World Travel and Tourism Council states that tourism in India is going to grow at a significant pace in the next decade. India is ranked highly at sixth position in terms of price competitiveness among all the tourist destinations in the world. The influx of tourists is not only because of the cultural heritage of the country, rather a large number of tourists also visit the country for the purpose of sports, business and medical tourism. The following list provides the top ten tourist destinations in the country.

Top 10 tourist destinations in India