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Temples in Andhra Pradesh

The state of Andhra Pradesh in South India is famous for its beautiful temples. These temples are a mark of Andhra Pradesh's rich culture and traditions. They have exquisite architecture having enchanting carvings on their walls. This state has preserved these wonderful specimens of age old Hindu religion. Apart from Hindu temples, there are Jain and Buddhist temples also.

The Thousand Pillared Temple

The Thousand Pillared temple is situated at Hanumakonda. The carvings on the temple are quite exquisite. The Hanumakonda was the ancient capital of Kakatiyas of Warangal.

Tirupati Temple

The Tirupati temple at Tirupati is one of the most visited and richest temples in the world. It is a famous pilgrimage center for Hindus. This ancient temple is dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara and has a divine idol of the Lord Balaji or Venkatachalapati, also known as Lord Venkateshwara.


At Kolanpuka, there is a famous Jain temple of Mahavira, about 2000 years old. There is a 1.5 meters high image of Mahavira here. Besides the famous Jain temple, there are other temples like the Shri Veeranarayana temple and Shri Someshwara temple. The Kolanupaka site museum is yet another attraction of this place.

Bhadrachalam Temple

There is a temple at Bhadrachalam dedicated to lord Rama. This is the place where Lord Rama supposedly crossed the River Godavari to go southwards in search of Sita. It is an important pilgrimage for Hindus. The unique feature of this temple is an idol of Lord Rama, which is a blend of two avatars - Vishnu and Rama.

Dwaraka Tirumala Temple

The Dwaraka Tirumala temple was built by the Myalavaram Zamindars between the years 1877 and 1902. This temple is named after the great saint, "Dwaraka" who located the self manifested idol of Lord Sri Venkateswara.


The Kalahasti temple is dedicated to Kalahasteswara, who was also worshiped as a Vayu Lingam. The Vayu Lingam, represents the element wind out of the five elements of Agni, Vaayu, Aakasam, Jalam and Prithvi. Shri Kalahasti Temple is renowned for performing Sarpadosha (RahuKetu) Nivaarana Pooja.

Sree Sailam Temple

Sree Sailam temple is situated near Kurnool. It is one of the 12 jyotirlingas of Shiva. There is an idol of the Lord Mallikarjun present in this ancient temple. This ancient temple is worth visiting.

Pancharama Temples

At Drakashrama, one of the famous Pancharama temples is located. Legends say, that the Shivalingam held by demon Tarak broke into 5 pieces and fell at 5 Pancharama kshetram. It is one of the most beautiful temples of Andhra Pradesh.

Dharmapuri Temple

Near Karimnagar, there is a temple called the Dharmapuri temple. It has the idol of the Yoga Narsimha, which is one of the avatars of the Vishnu and the Ramlingeshwara. They are related to the legend from the Ramayana.

The Ramappa Temple

In Palampet, there is a temple called the Ramappa temple. This temple dates back to the Kakateya period. Here, one can find some beautiful stone carvings.

Vijayawada Temples

In Vijayawada, there are 3 important temples, namely the Kanakdurga, the Malleshwara and the Vijayeshwara.
Some of the other famous temples in Andhra Pradesh are the Rajeshwar temple at Vemulawada, the ancient temple of Someshwara temple at Kotipalli (Kumaravana) in coastal Andhra Pradesh and the Amreshwara Shiva temple at Amravati. Apart from these , there is also the Temple of Bhimeswara in Bhimarama or Kumararama at Simalkota and the modern Birla Mandir situated in Hyderabad.

Nine Unknown Men

Nine Unknown Men are a two millennia-old secret society founded by the Indian Emperor Asoka.