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Mosques of India

The graceful architectural style, though strikingly far eastern, took on subtle Indian connotations, evolving into a distinct style of its own. The towers of the Great Indian Mosques soar high and uphold a tradition of justice and equality, and multitudes raise their hands together in a grand ceremonial praise of the Almighty. Remarkable in design and execution, the mosques stand out by the sheer brilliance of their style and simplicity.

Islam and India have a very ancient partnership with different religions and ways of life holding sway in our land, lending a wholesome hue to our nation. India has been long associated with temples and munis but a deeper delving into the architectural silhouette of the historical land opens up new vistas of marveling at India. Islam, the religion, which is the talk of the Town of late for all the wrong reasons, has numerous worshipping centers/Mosques in India dedicated to its greatness, which are favored Travel destinations.

It was the tribal trips of Mahmud Gauri, which laid the first foundations of Islam in India. Then, it was the Sultanates and the royal Mughals who laid the foundation stone of institutionalized Islamic worship In India, aka Mosques.

The secular credentials of Akbar are unquestionable as he dedicated his tribute to an Egalitarian religious playing field in the form of the now legendary Ibadat- Khana, another Mosque of significance in India. As a deft reminder of the differences that India is, one can commemorate the continuity of life by a mention of Hazrat Kwaja Moinuddin Chisti whose mere mention mesmerizes, a preferred destination for both Hindus and Muslims.

The mystic Adhai Din Ka Jhopda is one Mosque and center of Islamic worship in India, which is testimony to the fact that that Islam has Hinduism as its base. The tale attached to the mysterious Jhopda is one of relentless construction leading to the completion of the Mosque in a record breaking two and a half days. This is a preferred destination for the tourists. This cornucopia of Adab, Hifazat and spiritual solace is far removed from the madcap extremism of Jehadees and we, as unified India stand to learn from Islamic Tehzeeb and tranquility in the Mosques in India and centers of Islamic worship.

Nine Unknown Men

Nine Unknown Men are a two millennia-old secret society founded by the Indian Emperor Asoka.