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Sudden death of Sher Shah Suri

In 1545, after the accidental death of Sher Shah, his son Jalal Khan succeeded him. Jalal Khan got the title of Islam Shah, commonly known as Salim Shah. Islam Shah was as capable as his father and kept his father's kingdom intact. He followed his father's reforms and kept the army intact. Unfortunately, he ruled for only nine years. Following his death in November 1554, disorder followed. His minor son, Firuz Khan, was murdered by his maternal uncle, Mubariz Khan, and there was total confusion in the empire. Mubariz Khan took the throne and assumed the title of Muhammad Adil Shah.

Adil Shah was a worthless ruler. He left the affairs of the kingdom in the hands of his chief minister Hemu. Hemu was a capable man but his ambition to seize the throne did not draw his attention towards the disintegration of the kingdom. There were revolts in various parts. Sher Shah's nephew Sikander Sur declared himself independent in the Punjab.

Humayun re-conquers Delhi

This conflicting situation encouraged Humayun to make an attempt to restore the lost empire after about fifteen years. He got an army of 14,000 men from Persia and succeeded in conquering Kabul and Kandhahar with the help of Shah of Iran in 1545. In November 1554, he marched to reconquer Hindustan, for which he got an excellent opportunity in the civil wars among the surs. In February 1555, Humayun captured Lahore and then occupied Delhi. Thus he got back partially what he had lost due to his weakness. He appointed his son Akbar as governor of the Punjab and left his gallant general Bairam Khan to assist the young prince.

However Humayun could not enjoy his success for a longer time. On January 24, 1556, Humayun fell from the staircase of his library in Delhi and died. His son Akbar, who was only thirteen years old at that time, succeeded him.

Nine Unknown Men

Nine Unknown Men are a two millennia-old secret society founded by the Indian Emperor Asoka.