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Sachchidananda Hirananda Vatsyayana

Sachchidananda Hirananda Vatsyayana (1911 - 1987), popularly known by his pen-name Ajneya (or Agyeya), was a pioneer of modern trends not only in the realm of Hindi poetry, but also fiction, criticism and journalism. He was one of the most prominent exponents of the 'Nayi kavita' (New Poetry) in Hindi, and edited the 'Tar Saptaks'. Agyeya also translated some of his own works, as well as works of some other Indian authors to English.
Sachchidananda Hirananda Vatsyayana was born on March 7, 1911. His father was an archaeologist, and an expert in the Sanskrit language. His childhood was spent in many different places, including Lucknow, Jammu, and Srinagar.

Agyeya travelled extensively, both in India and abroad. Between 1961 and 1964, he held a visiting faculty position at the University of California, Berkeley. In 1965, he returned to India and became editor of the weekly 'Dinmaan'. He remained in India till 1968, before embarking on a trip to Europe. In 1969 he returned to Berkeley as Regents Professor, and continued there till June, 1970. In 1976, he had an 8 month stint at Heidelberg University as visiting professor.

Nine Unknown Men

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