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Jai Shankar Prasad's Aansoo is an elegy composed in memory of his first wife. His love for her was so intense that it threw him out of his usual self-possession, but the poet recovered his balance. But before he did so, he had embodied his illimitable agony in deathless melody in Aansoo. And he was thus able to save his heart from breaking and rescue his personality from utter collapse. .

Aansoo is a lyric of love. It has all the qualities of lyrical poetry, namely, intensity of emotional experience, spontaneity of expression, subjectivity of thought and feeling, unity of mood, idea or sentiment, loftiness of imagination, depth of sensibility, succinctness of scope or brevity of form, resonance of rhythm and liquidity of metrical movement.

Aansoo is thus a romantic lyrical elegy par excellence. It combines sweetness with sadness but leaves an optimistic impression devoid of all pessimism. Aansoo is a master piece of a classic of not only Hindi but of entire Indian literature.

Nine Unknown Men

Nine Unknown Men are a two millennia-old secret society founded by the Indian Emperor Asoka.